The pool filter works with your pump to clear oil, debris, dirt, and algae spores as part of the filtration system.

A high quality Pool Filter is the key to creating and maintaining a healthy and sanitary swimming environment. We typically recommend Cartridge Filters as they catch smaller dirt particles, clean more rapidly, require less pump pressure, and are easy to maintain. When purchasing a new Cartridge Filter, bigger is always better.

We do not usually recommend DE filters or sand filters for an optimal sanitary pool environment. Both are less efficient compared to the cartridge and can drastically restrict water flow when dirty.  A good, variable speed, properly-sized pump with a well maintained cartridge filter consistently produces energy conservation and money savings.

When the cartridges are dirty or the pressure in your filter rises, it is time to clean them. Depending on the water chemistry, most pool owners clean their cartridges every six months. Cleaning is as easy as using a garden hose to rinse them off. There is no need to backwash a cartridge filter.

Cartridge filters work best at slow flow rates. An overly-sized pool pump has the potential to push the water straight through the cartridge filter and bypass the filtering stage altogether. It is important not to oversize your pool pump, especially when using cartridge filters. However, this also makes cartridge filters more efficient. Cartridge filters utilize and waste less water. Unlike sand filters,a cartridge filter saves money on chemicals and water.


  • Low maintenance: no need to backwash
  • More efficient: less need to remove water & chemicals
  • Easy-to-clean & replace filter cartridges
  • Screen 2x as much dirt as Sandfilters
  • Easy install

These filters cut energy costs by utilizing low pump pressure, but may have a higher upfront price. With lower pressure, pool-life is lengthened.

The Twin Pool and Spa team can maintain, install and clean all of the major manufacturer’s pool filters from Jandy, Pentair, Purex, American, Triton or Sta-Rite.  We consider your goals for pool utility and pool lifetime to determine the best path forward.  You can trust Brent and Derrick in your back yard to help with a candid, objective evaluation of your filter needs.  Call us at 301-655-9333.

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