Swimming Pool FAQ

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.
No, not at all. If we find more work needs to be done than you were expecting we will contact you. After we finish, we email you a report of what we found and what service was provided, including photos if needed.
You receive three lbs. of shock at opening. At closing, you receive 3 lbs. of shock and one qt. of algicide and antifreeze as needed. For weekly service, you receive up to 3 lbs. of shock and one qt. of algicide and keep the skimmer or automatic chlorinator full of Chlorine. The proper chemicals to maintain PH balance are included. Specialized chemicals for water clarification, salt, cyanuric acid or those for specialized algae (black or mustard etc.) are additional.
Water levels can rise from rain and snow. Monitoring the water level can prevent damage to pipes and tile. Monitoring of chemicals protects the plaster from etching or scaling. Depending on the weather, the algicide and chlorine may also need to be adjusted in the spring before opening. A few hot days and you may open a green pool that will take time and money to fix. Pool covers need adjusting and water bags sometimes need repair or preplacement to keep the cover from falling into the pool with dirty water and debris on it. Mesh covers allow small debris to enter the pool, vacuuming helps prevent stain. Winter service extends the life expectancy of your pool and equipment and allows you to use your pool on the first warm days of spring.
We call you in the Spring and Fall to ask for your preferred opening and closing dates before the dates are too full for you to get one you desire. We cannot cancel someone else to put you into a date you like. When you need a service repair, we will give you the next available time. You will be placed on dispatch and advanced for service as soon as one of our service techs is freed up, even if your service call will exceed our techs normal working hours. We will not leave another customer or advance you ahead of another weekly customer.
Yes, we can install the necessary equipment to allow you to control nearly every function of your pool and pool area with your smart-phone.
The pros would be that it is a great way to cool your dog off on a hot summer day. It is great exercise for the dog and the family probably enjoys playing with the dog in the pool. The cons would be that it is not good for the dog to have his nose and eyes in the chlorine very long because they are much more sensitive than humans. Every time a dog goes into the pool it is the same as 50 – 100 people swimming at the same time (depending on the size and hair length of your dog). It will increase the use of chemicals and clog the filter faster. Finally, although many dogs are natural swimmers, many short-legged dogs are poor swimmers and may need a life vest. Dog life vests are sold for dogs of all sizes. The batter load (undissolved organic waste) is very important to your pool’s chemistry. This may be a lot of fun, but it may explain why you are using so many chemicals.
Manufacturers do not sell professional grade equipment to online stores. What you buy online doesn’t come with any manufacturer’s warranty. We sell only professional grade equipment with full manufacturer’s warranty. Our labor is guaranteed for one year after service. We are factory trained to install, service and determine the proper size equipment to optimize the efficiency of your equipment. With properly sized equipment comes cost-savings!